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What do Sunbirds do for fun?

We're so glad you asked! Most of all, we like to get naked in a wholesome way! In the summer months (Late April to Mid October, gotta love that Texas weather!), we have pool parties and visit local nudist resorts. We play water volleyball and pickleball, run naked 5Ks, or just hang out at members' pools (and hot tubs!) while enjoying the company of like-minded folks. All without ever having to worry about wet swimming suits or tan lines! 

In the winter months (the rest of the year), we have hot tub parties, heated pool parties, and theme parties such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, Game Nights, Movie Nights, and much more. Basically, any reason we can think of to get together and have a party! Sometimes we keep our clothes on and meet for happy hour or dinner at a local bar or restaurant, or even head to concerts and the Scarborough Renaissance Festival! 


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