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Celebrating over 30 years of fun, safe, and responsible nude recreation in the Dallas
Fort Worth area!


Who are Sunbirds?

We're a fun, drama-free, non-sexual social nudist club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, welcoming like-minded couples and singles. Established in 1988, we're affiliated with the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society Foundation.

We're just regular folks who enjoy nude recreation and accept everyone as they are. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and professions and include people of all races, shapes, sizes, religions, sexual orientations, and ages (21+).

What do Sunbirds do for fun?

We love to get naked in a wholesome way! During summer (late April to mid-October), we have pool parties, visit local nudist resorts, play water volleyball and pickleball, run naked 5Ks, or just hang out by the pool. No wet swimsuits or tan lines!

In the winter, we have hot tub and heated pool parties, plus themed events like Halloween, Valentine's Day, Casino Night, Board Game Night, and more. Sometimes we even meet for happy hour, dinner, concerts, or festivals, and keep our clothes on for a change.

First time?

We get it—everyone has a first time. Whether you want to jump right into a party or start with a private hot tub session, we're here to help you ease into nude recreation at your own pace.

Interested in joining?

Read on to learn more and take the plunge into the fun world of Sunbirds!

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