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What do Sunbirds do for fun?

Get comfortable and let us tell you all about the fun we have at Sunbirds! We're talking naked fun in the Texas sun (and escaping the heat too, because let's be real), but also tons of other exciting stuff year-round.

Summer is our time to shine (literally)! Picture this: pool parties with crystal-clear water, chilling in hot tubs with friends, and playing games like water volleyball and pickleball – all in the buff! And who needs a boring swimsuit when you can get that perfect all-over tan?

But wait, there's more! Winter doesn't slow us down a bit. We crank up the heat in our pools and hot tubs, or have themed parties to keep things interesting. We're talking Halloween bashes, lovable Valentine's Day gatherings, and even celebrating Casino Night – all without a stitch of clothing! New Year's Eve? We'll be ringing it in naked, of course! But hey, if staying warm is more your style, we also have game nights, movie nights, and anything else that gives us an excuse to get together.

And let's not forget, sometimes clothes are fun too! We hit up happy hours, dine at local restaurants, and even go to concerts and the Scarborough Renaissance Festival – all clothed, of course. That's the beauty of Sunbirds, we embrace all kinds of fun!


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