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Sunbirds Code of Conduct

This details what you and every member/guest can do to keep Sunbirds the fun and courteous club that we all expect. 

Privacy Standards

  • Sunbirds Nudist Club is a private club, and information about our events and membership must remain within the club. There are Sunbirds whose professional and private lives could be damaged or destroyed by disclosing their participation in social nudism. 
  • Do not give out the name, address, or other personal information of fellow Sunbirds without their permission.
  • Do not distribute any club information to nonmembers, such as event details, member names, or the like. If your guests need information about an event to attend as your guest, send them just the relevant information. Do not forward a club email or copy additional details from club emails.
  • Photos may be taken at Sunbirds events, but only under the following conditions:
  1. Everyone in the photo has given you permission.
  2. The host has not specified a no-photo policy. 

Polite Behavior 

Polite behavior is the norm for Sunbirds and, generally, all nudists. Here are some simple reminders.

  • Sexual activity is not welcome at any Sunbirds event and is not what our club is about. "If it's not yours, don't touch it." None of us objects to affectionate behavior between friends and significant others, but sexual behavior is not condoned at Sunbirds gatherings.
  • Examples of acceptable behavior are kissing and hugging. Sitting very close to another if invited, sitting on someone's lap (common if the hot tub is full), an arm around someone's shoulder (if welcomed). Making out is not considered acceptable. 
  • Sunbirds Nudist Club is not a swingers club or a sex club. Every member and every guest is expected to behave in accordance with this Code of Conduct at all Sunbirds events. 
  • If you observe members or guests being inappropriate, or if you are offended by behavior, we ask you to:
    • Immediately and discreetly, call the infraction to their attention or try to resolve the problem yourself
    • If you cannot do that or are uncomfortable doing that, inform the host so they can correct the situation.
    • If the host is unavailable or unapproachable, please inform one of the Board Members or senior members present so that they can take appropriate action.
    • If further attention to the situation is warranted, please notify the Board by email or phone call. Please make sure the behavior is reported as soon as possible. It's difficult to correct inappropriate behavior long after the fact when details grow dim, and the situation becomes only a rumor. 

Nudist Etiquette

  • Nudists know that they always put a towel between themselves and anything they sit or lay on. They always carry a towel with them for this purpose, even if it is to use their own chair or lounger.
  • Please cover your nether regions when approaching the food serving area. This is not a requirement but is highly encouraged.

Party Protocol 

Sunbirds hosts welcome you into their home as their guests, and they expect their home and property to be treated with care.

Poolside Protocol

  • When practical, shower, hose, or towel off your sunscreen or tanning lotion before entering the pool or hot tub.
  • No glass in or around the pool, please! If your favorite refreshment is only available in glass bottles, please transfer it to a plastic cup or use a neoprene bottle cover. 

Please remember these things:

  • Do not sit where you're not supposed to, and do not enter rooms with closed doors.
  • Do not litter their yard, home, or pool with your cigarette butts, cups, or cans. Please dispose of all your trash before leaving. 
  • Please keep an extra dry towel for sitting on indoor furniture. 
  • If you smoke, honor the host's wishes regarding if and where you may smoke, and bring your own ashtray. 
  • Enjoy adult beverages responsibly. Intoxication is not welcome at any Sunbirds event. If the host or Board members believe that you are in need of medical assistance due to drinking, they are encouraged to call 911. If this occurs, the member being treated is responsible for all costs incurred. 
  • Be sociable! Sunbirds is foremost a social organization. The best way to make new friends is to join in the conversations and introduce yourself to people you don't know. Likewise, if you're a Sunbirds member, make it a point to visit with prospective and new members. 
  • All individuals, including guests, are expected to contribute a $5 per person donation to help the host defray party costs and contribute to the potluck meal. Even if you arrive late or leave early, you're expected to contribute since the hosts have incurred costs for your attendance. 
  • Pets are not welcome at Sunbirds functions unless specifically mentioned in the announcement for the event. 
  • Guests: You should notify the host/hostess in advance if you plan to have guests at a function. Make sure you arrive with your guests if possible, or be there when they arrive. Make sure you introduce your guests to the host; it could make a host uneasy when unknown persons show up at the door. Please keep your number of guests to a maximum of two (2) guests per party unless the host has specifically approved your request for more. 
  • After guests have attended at least two Sunbirds functions and provided they agree to follow this Code of Conduct, we may invite them to become members. Guests are not welcome to attend parties repeatedly without joining the club.

Stay naked and have fun! 

Revised 01/24/2017


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